About Us

1999 - 2006
Salamone’s Cherry Valley was founded in December of 1999. Benny and Rosalie grew up in and around the restaurant industry. For many years, Benny’s parents were the owners of Salamone’s in Polo, IL. Rosalie's mother and father have been the owners and operators of Romano’s in Evansville, WI since 1985.

Benny and Rosalie have an extensive restaurant background and were taught from a young age about the importance of great food as well as the appreciation of thier customers. They started a small carryout and delivery place which was the size of a garage (and knew from day 1 it wouldn’t be easy!). They married in June of 2000 and took a short honeymoon, and came right back to work! They slowly grew their business together and then in 2006, moved to the current location still offering the same great carryout and delivery that they do today.

Benny and Rosalie expanded the business in 2008 by adding a dining room and a bar for thier patrons. They are extremely proud of what they have accomplished thus far! The accomplishment that is the biggest source of joy and pride are their 3 wonderful children. Family means so much to them and in Italian culture, food and family are 2 of the most important things.

At Salmone's, you won’t feel like just a customer, you will feel like you are at home!

We appreciate the opportunity to feed your family as if we are feeding our own.

Welcome to Salamone’s,

Benny and Rosalie 
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